Elia Morrison

11am-4pm @ Alice St. Clubhouse - 49 Alice St.

Videohouse is a site-specific multichannel video installation created by Elia Morrison at the Alice Street Clubhouse. The installation uses a combination of digital and analog video synthesis, vintage video mixers, cameras, and various forms of displays to create an environment that overwhelms and confuses the visual centre of the brain. By combining new and old technology to create spontaneous and improvised visuals, along with pre-recorded video loops, the installation gives new life to obsolete technology and re-works them into an anarchistic video experience. Viewers will be invited into the space, to passively absorb the visuals, or to interact with cameras and screens to create feedback loops and integrate their own image into the installation. 

About the artist: 

Elia Morrison is an artist and arts administrator living in The Ward neighbourhood in Guelph. He works primarily in video and print, with a focus on the physicality of production, processes combining digital and analog techniques, obsolescence, and transhumanism. His video work explores concepts of imagined futures that never came to pass, and the commodification of the human body at the intersection of the individual and technology. As a printmaker, Elia uses a vintage Challenge 15MP letterpress to create small-run art prints and printed goods in collaboration with other artists. 

In his role as Technical Director at Ed Video Media Arts Centre, Elia provides education, equipment access, and mentorship to local artists and filmmakers. His work at Ed Video also provides him with the opportunity to support other local organizations by providing technical support and guidance to help them execute their mandates and programming.