Here's a pic of some of our brave co-Ward-inators at our recent planning meeting.. Top left to right.. Candice Barrett, Shona Sneddon,  Dawn Fairbanks, James Gordon, a couple of dummies... Lower left to Right- Vanessa Hyland, Sheryn Siebert, Lisa Silverstein... 

Just part of the many Wardlians who donated their time, energy and creativity to our event..

we're a non-profit, volunteer-driven organization.

Instigators: Braden Phelan and James Gordon

co-Wardinators: ( in no particular order, sorry! ) in addition to those pictured:

Adam Honsinger, Patti Collins, Mirella Cazzola, Elia Morrison, Dionne Daley, Victoria Blow, Kim England, Susan Carey, Shannon Kingsbury, Joan Hug-Valeriote, Judith Eden, Amber Weimer, Melku Gebrekristos, Sadie Henry, Niki Henry, Jacob Martin, Hilary Stead, Ashland Kearns, Carly Klassen, Matt Soltys, Robert Leader, Dennis Gray, Melanie Lamb, Alisha Arnold, Karen Houle, Jacob Zantinga, Lee Everitt, Liz Dent, Alicia Fowlie, Romeo the guy with the truck:), Scotty Nightingale, Jane Hastings, Julie Hastings, Erika Zuhlsdorf, Tash Sawatsky, Jax Baxter, Mandala Ataksak, Joseph McGinnis, Randy Remigis, lots more! 

All true Ward Champions.

We'd love it if you'd consider joining our team for 2024. Get in touch at with “Volunteer” in the subject line!