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The Kramdens are a 5 piece band from Guelph, Ontario, Canada.

Started in 1990, the band has released 7 studio albums, been broadcast coast to coast, and has performed extensively, including performances on national television.

The Kramdens are fronted by CBC Radio Host, Craig Norris. Guelph favourites, they have rehearsed and recorded in the Ward for their entire legendary career.

The Ward

Performing Saturday evening at the Guelph Little Theatre


Much like the beloved neighbourhood in Guelph, the band known as The Ward is a fertile meeting ground of four accomplished musicians - a rocking quartet comprised of Jeff Bird (Reward), bass, Randall Coryell (The Warden), drums, Harri Palm (Windward), electric guitar & vocals,& Sue Smith (Forward), keyboards and vocals.  Most of the band have called the neighbourhood known as the Ward home at some point in their lives.  

            The Ward’s collective musical Curriculum Vitae includes Allanah Myles, The Bird Sisters, Bo Diddley, Common Ground, Cowboy Junkies, Glass Tiger, Johnny and the G-Rays,  Ondine Chorus, The Potion Kings, Prairie Oyster, Quartette, Tamarack, Tom Cochrane, and Townes Van Zandt…

            With over 150 years of combined musical experience, The Ward lays it down to lift you up.  Handcrafted and original, songs from the heart delivered rock steady for the joy of it.


Jeff Bird is a founding member of the seminal folk group Tamarack.  With Cowboy Junkies he was part of the legendary The Trinity Session and continues to record and tour the world with them.  He has realized 15 recordings of his own as a soloist and collaborator.  Jeff has scored music for both film and television.  As a multi-instrumentalist he has appeared on over 100 recordings and has worked with such divers artists and Jane Bunnett, Fred Eaglesmith, Stephen Fearing, Loreena McKennitt, Natalie Merchant, Scott Merritt, Lynn Miles, Jane Siberry & Townes Van Zandt.


Since the age of sixteen, Randall Coryell has played drums and percussion on stage, radio, LP, CD, video, TV, in theaters, bars, bar mitzvahs, booze cans and bordellos with the likes of Bo Diddley, Mel Brown, the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra,  Alannah Myles, The Marigolds, Tom Cochrane and Red Rider, Paul Butterfield, Quartette,Glass Tiger, Gwen Swick, & Prairie Oyster. 

HARRI PALM             

Electric Guitar player, art-schooled roots rocker, songwriter, filmmaker and accomplished sailor, Harri follows the muse of music, equally at home in the worlds of rock, punk, folk, singer-songwriter and any jam he is invited to. Harri is also performing solo at the festival.


Singer-Songwriter, Composer, Producer, Co-Artistic Director of Ondine Chorus, Community Builder and an original Bird Sister; Sue is a spirited performer. Sue has co-produced 5 albums of original music including her solo release, “I’m So”: “…a stunning collection of heartfelt pop songs” (Vish Khanna, EXCLAIM!), “…a huge amount of songwriting talent here, a voice of maturity and wisdom” (Judy Matheson, MUSICNEWS).  Sue’s latest album of original works, “Tonight We Sail” was released in 2021, in the face of the raging pandemic, celebrated with a live-streamed concert from the River Run Centre in Guelph.

Start your day at the Double Rainbow café 

74 Ontario Street

Kim England , the Double Rainbow's Proprieter, will be hosting the Praise The Ward Hub.

This is where you'll get tickets and info , drinks and snacks , and take part in the many activities based there like the bike tour, the historical walking tour, a composting demo, a Water Watchers Info booth, Bonnie Durtnall's Historical Artifacts display, Sadie and Niki's Button Making and mural project for families, and more. 

This is actually where the festival was born. 

Here are festival founders Braden Phelan and James Gordon holding the first meeting there this spring.

Performances and activities during the day-

Adam And Rain

Performimg at the Lalani-Jennings Gallery, 60 Ontario Street

1 pm 

Adam and Rain are an acoustic duo who play folk/roots inspired original music 

and uniquely interpreted covers. 

annais linares and Ben Finley 

4 pm at the Lalani-Jennings Gallery 60 Ontario St. 

annais linares (vocalist) and Ben Finley (bass and electronics) are life partners and creative collaborators. Their work together is often rooted in improvisation, song forms, and partnerships with community organizations. Together (as leaders and collaborators in each other’s projects) they’ve co-created things like a community-imagined and -crafted instrument in a neighbourhood garden; improvisations with a pond in the woods and a naturalist; and a series of workshops and collaborations with local artists from different disciplines in Whitehorse, Yukon in partnership with the Heart of Riverdale Community Centre. They are also both facilitators of the Westben Centre for Connection and Creativity’s international Performer-Composer Residency program, which invites music makers from a wide variety of backgrounds to come together to create community and artistic connections and exchange perspectives. They are PhD students in the Critical Studies in Improvisation program at the University of Guelph.


performing 2-5 on the patio at Royal City Brewery, 199 Victoria Rd. S. 

GUH is a band that has managed to defy conventions and categories for the length of their 30 year long career. Their live show is loved and legendary having performed at many popular festivals, clubs, parks and diners. Their genre-bending songs have been described as jazz/rock/reggae/pop/latin/polka/bop/and groovy” We call it GUH!

Shannon Kingsbury

performing at 3 pm at the Lalani-Jennings Gallery 60 Ontario St.

Shannon Kingsbury is a singer, songwriter, harpist, music educator, amateur naturalist and longtime resident of The Ward. Her music dives deep into internal landscapes of dream, archetype and emotion. Her work includes two solo albums and composing/directing for Ondine Chorus. Shannon also delights in mentoring children and adults through her vocal music teaching studio, Kingsbury Music on Ontario Street.

Ripe and Ruin | Martin Pearce / Sarah Graeme
Exhibit at the Lilani-Jennings Gallery all day 
Special Talk by Martin Pearce at 2 pm 
60 Ontario Street 

portfolio pearce | College of Arts

Ripe and Ruin brings together the work of the Guelph based painter Martin Pearce and the Vancouver island based, ceramic artist Sarah Graeme. 
Speaking about the work Martin writes:

These paintings were made to explore a paradox; the more various materials were combined, applied and reapplied to a canvas, the closer the generated effects approached ephemerality (mists and fog, rain, smoke, even ghosts)

As part of the Praise the Ward festival Martin will be holding a short introduction to his work at Lalani Jennings Contemporary Art. As well as introducing his work and practice, Martin will be available for questions. The gallery encourages both ticket holders and non to attend. 

Martin Pearce has been making and exhibiting paintings and drawings since 1990. He is the Director of the School of Fine Art and Music at the University of Guelph. Pearce's work is represented by Birch Contemporary in Toronto. His paintings and drawings are in public and private collections in Canada, the UK and the USA.


Praise the Ward Market

noon till 4 at Tytler School, Toronto Street Side 

a ton o' vendors from the Ward and some from those less fortunate who don't live here!

Two Rivers Neighbourhood Group

Two Rivers Neighbourhood Group

Tytler school all day

Two Rivers Neighbourhood Group is run by volunteers. They  offer community services, programs and special events to residents of the Ward in Guelph.

Two Rivers Neighbourhood Group will be at Tytler School with Market Market, we will have a table with some information about our neighbourhood group and will be handing out cotton candy! We will be there for the duration of the market and hope to meet and introduce ourselves to everyone and say hello to familiar faces and old friends. Come on by to say hello, see what we are all about and grab some cotton candy! 



Jam School Student Performances

201 Alice Street ( Outside) 1 till 2:30 pm 

Hear concerts by the talented young people and adults who are part of the vibrant Jam School Musical COmmunity

No photo description available.

Organ Recital by Alexandra Kuzyk 

Sacred Heart Church - Alice and Huron

7:45 to 8:15 for approx. 30 minutes.

All are welcome.

Festival Ticket or Pay What You Can after the concert.


Scavenger Hunt!

10 am till whenever it takes you!

Meet at the Guelph Little Theatre 



Workshops at the Guelph Little Theatre

176 Morris Street 11 and 2 pm

11 am- Laughter Yoga!

Shona Sneddon is a Certified Laughter Yoga Leader. She studied with the founder,of Laughter Yoga, Dr. Madan Kataria..  The workshop incorporates laughter exercises, deep breathing exercises and child-like playfulness for all participants. No experience required, all ages and abilities, be prepared tohave fun, meet new people and laugh, laugh, laugh! 

2 pm- Contact Improv Workshop with Shona Sneddon 


Come interact in fun and engaging improv activities for all ages! No experience, all ages and abilities welcome! Meet your fellow neightbours and new people while being creative and having a great time. 

Ed Video Gallery 404 York Road 11 am till 3 pm

“Piece of Me” Exhibit with Kadrah Mensah and Wei Li

Piece of Me is a two person exhibition featuring artists Kadrah Mensah and Wei Li. The exhibition employs humor to explore themes related to self as commodity, paradoxes, and consumer goods. The work will take the form of a series of 3D rendered animations, videos and some sculptural works. Whether it is the replacement of objects with human skin or digital avatars, both artists employ 3D rendering as a means to provide social commentary on identity and confront the view to reflect on identity. 


Performing at Ed Video at 3 pm 404 York Road

Sledd is the electronic music project of Guelph based multi-media artist Evan Gordon.
In Collaboration with ED VIDEO, SLEDD will be performing songs from their Youtube TV series "PLANET SLEDD", and previewing tracks from the upcoming record "Absolute Zero". 

This special multi-media performance (SLEDD's only live appearance of 2023) will feature a synchronized light show, and live video animation. 

Artworks Gallery 404 York Rd

10 till 4

‘A wonderful space filled with the innovative art of a collective of very talented and diverse artists’

Inspired by the great sense of community here in the Ward, the gallery will be presenting a special exhibit of Ward and local artists called “The Heart Of Our Community”, and in the parking lot across Hayes Ave on the North side of York, the gallery is hosting an All Ages  interactive art workshop around acrylic pouring and stencilling from 1-3pm. A hands-on arts experience for the whole family.

Free! Artworks Gallery Guelph will be holding hands-on demonstrations of art techniques for the community at our gallery, 404 York Road on September 23 from 1-4 pm. Included will be acrylic pour paintings and working with stencils. Create your own original artwork to take home. Live music and inspiration! This event coincides with our “Heart of the Community” show running from September 12 to October 22. It features art from Patti Collins, Nancy Farrell, Sharyn Seibert, Suzanne Wakefield and Jan Zimmerman.

Guest artist: Nan Hogg

Feature Artist: Janette Mayer



Water Watchers

All day at the Double Rainbow Cafe.


Take the Water Pledge with the Water Watchers at Double Rainbow Cafe!


Water is a human right. Yet, across the province, many go without water. Come to the UC and visit the Water Watchers to take the water pledge, pick up some Lush products, and learn how you can be a part of the movement toward water justice.

The Water Watchers are a Guelph-based organization that empowers people & communities to work in solidarity towards social justice through the unifying lens of water.

Sandy's Delectable Cupcakes and

 Wild Blooms Flower Arranging 

68 Toronto St. Just up the street from Tytler School

11 am till 4 pm

May be an image of cupcake


Wild blooms flower arranging - $10,$20 bouquets along side Sandy’s delectable cupcakes. 25% of all Proceeds will go to the Humane society to wave the adoption fee of two ward dogs, Sadie and Josie, who sadly lost their owner Ron.


Karen Houle 

“UnBook-of-the-Month Club” (Household composting and vermiculture) 

11 Till  one at the Double Rainbow 60 Ontario Street

“a Membership drive for The UnBook-of-the-Month Club and other household indoor composting and vermiculture adventures”. By The Compost Queens of the Royal City.

Bring one book with which you have a conflicted relationship. Write the nature of that conflict on the inside cover of the book. This can be anonymous. Be prepared to surrender the book. It will become amazing, rich, healthy soil, thanks to composting and vermiculture. Such a good outcome to a crappy relationship with an object.

Books and other surprising everyday objects are compostable. With the help of a small quiet unstinky worm farm, you can divert an impressive amount and array of objects through this system, producing soil rather than clutter.

Come and learn how.

(Small vermiculture kits available for purchase, 20-25$ sliding scale)

AND- 2-4 at the Huron Street Gardens, ( Corner of Manitoba and Huron)

At the giant Community Composting System


Come see how a neighbourhood-sized composter works. Bring any and all of the following offerings to the cause: fruit peels and cores, vegetable scraps (nothing cooked), hay, sawdust, wood ashes, gerbil cage or hamster droppings, cow poo, leaves, old stale dried beans and spices you’ll never use, coffee grounds, used tea bags, dead houseplants with their sad soil. In return, you can take some home-grown local compost home with you.

“Two Rivers Commmunity Compost System”…

The Ward's composting Queen, and resident poet, Karen Houle, will present two informative, interactive and fun workshops during the festival. 

Creator of The Art of Soil Collective (or T.A.S.C.) Dr. Houle is a recently retired Professor of Philosophy at the University of Guelph, in Guelph, Canada. Her Poetry collection "The Grand River Watershed: a Folk Ecology, was a shortlisted finalist for the Governor-General's Awards.  She has always wanted to get to a place in life where, with the alchemy of energy, immense privilege, a nutty work ethic, the accumulation of some social capital, grandmotherhood, and not giving a shit what people thought anymore.... she could lead a practical local project that combined ALL her political and ethical principles + skills + passions -- food security, mentoring, ecology, environmental protection, organic farming, flat democracy, soil remediation, Black Lives Matter, gender parity, experiential learning, biodiversity, queer positive space-making, seed saving, mental health, cultural diversity, pollinator support, flowers! compost! poetry, many languages, global politics, post-humanism + collective activism.              

Two Rivers Huron Street Community Garden 

120 Huron Street at Manitoba… all day. 

As well as attending a composting demo, we're hoping that you'll find this peaceful spot a place to chill out, swap stories, take part in a jam session or just tour the unique gardens.

Drop in!

Two Rivers Huron Street Community Garden - City of Guelph

               Pollinator Garden Tour with Joan Fenlon

24 Oliver Street   



Joan's Oliver Street Neighbours call her “Joan the Garden Gnome” - a tiny woman with a giant Pollinator Garden where she raises monarch butterflies and releases them into a grateful world. Sept. 23rd will be late for butterfly activity but there's lots to see and learn from her commitment to sustainable gardening. She'll also have a plant and tree sale and her husband Dave will have an exhibit of his art. Just a few doors from the Double Rainbow on your way to check out the Huron Community Garden. 

Elia Morrison

Alice Street Clubhouse Video Art Installation

 11-4  49 Alice Street


49 Alice St

September 23, 2023

11am - 4pm

Videohouse is a site-specific multichannel video installation created by Elia Morrison at the Alice Street Clubhouse. The installation uses a combination of digital and analog video synthesis, vintage video mixers, cameras, and various forms of displays to create an environment that overwhelms and confuses the visual centre of the brain. By combining new and old technology to create spontaneous and improvised visuals, along with pre-recorded video loops, the installation gives new life to obsolete technology and re-works them into an anarchistic video experience. Viewers will be invited into the space, to passively absorb the visuals, or to interact with cameras and screens to create feedback loops and integrate their own image into the installation.

About the artist:

Elia Morrison is an artist and arts administrator living in The Ward neighbourhood in Guelph. He works primarily in video and print, with a focus on the physicality of production, processes combining digital and analog techniques, obsolescence, and transhumanism. His video work explores concepts of imagined futures that never came to pass, and the commodification of the human body at the intersection of the individual and technology. As a printmaker, Elia uses a vintage Challenge 15MP letterpress to create small-run art prints and printed goods in collaboration with other artists.

In his role as Technical Director at Ed Video Media Arts Centre, Elia provides education, equipment access, and mentorship to local artists and filmmakers. His work at Ed Video also provides him with the opportunity to support other local organizations by providing technical support and guidance to help them execute their mandates and programming.


Carey West Jazz Trio

3 pm at Tytler School 


Wardite Carey West is a dynamic vocalist who has lent her talents to several collaborations.  She has built a reputation energetic and heartfelt performances whether leading her Jazz ensemble “Carey West and The Millionaires”, fronting Carribean Funk group “The Liquidaires” or easing in with alt-bluegrass group “The Jeremiahs”. Her exploits have led to many high profile performances including a live broadcast on CBC Radio One and appearances at Young and Dundas Square, Nathan Phillips Square, Harbourfront Centre and Roy Thompson Hall. She has also held several residencies at venerated venues such as The Rex Jazz Bar, The Cameron House, The Old York, and Mitzi’s sister.

Her latest release of a Jazz “unStandards”album is titled “Made of Clay”. This is a carefully curated collection of songs featuring arrangements by pianist Marcel Aucoin and vocalist Rebecca Campbell was produced in partnership with Jeff Wilson.

Andrew The Absolutely Normal 

Roaming throughout the ward all day. Watch For him!


You've probably seen Andrew wheeling around the ward on his unicycle! Andrew Giordano is the founder of the Youth Circus project, and his circus and clowning skills are rather extraordinary for someone so ‘normal’. He'll be circulating through the many Praise The ward venues throughout the day, bringing fun and a sense of wonder to all!

Friends of The Guelph Public Library 

Giant Book Sale

69 Huron Street 10 till 4

The 15th annual giant book sale, designed to raise money for our new central library, runs from Sept . 20-24th, so we're pleased that they can be part of our festival. They've already raised a million dollars for our library and each year they offer a wide selection of books in all categories. You won't leave empty-handed. 

Time Flies 

Tytler Schoolyard 2 pm.

Discover the dynamic soundscapes of Time Flies at Praise The Ward. Formed in 2017, our band is set to captivate with a journey that's as authentic as it is irresistible. Time Flies is more than a band; we're a collective of artists with a shared passion for music. Our blend of Pop, Rock and Grunge creates a sonic landscape that's rich, relatable, and designed to move souls.

Witness the energy as Time Flies takes the stage. Our live performances are an invitation to connect, with infectious rhythms and covers that invite listeners to join us in the moment.

 Don't miss the opportunity to experience Time Flies at Praise The Ward. Let our melodies transport you, our rhythms move you, and our music become the soundtrack to your ward adventure.


David and Rowan

12 pm at the Lilani-Jennings Gallery 74 Ontario Street

Time Flies guitarist David Catogan has a side project with his friend Rowan.

An acoustic duo, they have talents that do the ward proud!



Wheeling the Ward Cycling Tour 

Meet at the Double Rainbow @ 10 a.m. for an easy cycle (scooters, skateboards welcome!) as a group past the day's venues. We'll cycle along Alice St. & take the back alleys, when we can, to reach the park trail at Victoria, then loop back to the Double Rainbow. All ages and abilities welcome. Approx. 5 km. 1 hr. Supported by GCAT ( Guelph Coalition for Active Transportation)

Contact: Vanessa Hyland,, 519-803-6301

Freehub Community Bike Clinic

Free bike repair clinic 11-2 by the east side of the Covered Bridge 

in Eramosa Park. 

Freehub logo

The Freehub Community Bike Centre is a do-it-yourself, volunteer run, donation-funded community bike repair program run through the Guelph Tool Library. We supply common parts and have an inventory of bike specific tools available for use, or with help from our volunteer mechanics. Our volunteer mechanics will be at the Praise the Ward festival teaching people about bike maintenance and helping attendees fix their bikes!

A good companion act to the Wheeling The Ward bike tour that ends there at 11. 

Tempo Foods with Chef Victoria Blow 

12 till 1:30 and 5 -6:30 pm 

Serving a special Ward meal  at Laza Foods 74 Ontario Street. 

Tempo offerings- Moonlight Pozole soup, vegetarian and carnivore tacos, dairy free and gluten free dessert. Stop by Laza for a delicious taste

Discount for ticket holders

Photo from Victoria Blow


Victoria is a Canadian based chef who trained at Le Cordon Bleu (cuisine and patisserie) in London, England. Victoria says “I have over 15 years of experience both nationally and internationally including owning my own restaurant, and working as Head Chef and Sous-Chef in various restaurants as well as completing stages in 2 Michelin starred restaurants including most recently Relae in Copenhagen, Denmark. I am fascinated by both the art and technique that goes into creating food. I am not only interested in the cooking process but the history of food and its societal/cultural roles, the evolution of a dish, the geography of sourced ingredients, and science literature around food and its by-products. I'm adaptable, hardworking and very keen to learn and am working hard to develop sustainable food practices. My most recent experience in the kitchen as a Sous-Chef at Foxy restaurant in Montreal, QC gave me an indepth exposure to the quebecois food scene as well as multiple contacts for locally sourced products. I have a deep lifelong passion for food and look forward to sharing my love of cooking with others.”

        Food Forest Tour with Matt Soltys 

      11 am and 2 pm

Eramosa Park, end of Lawrence Ave.       

 Tour both the Eramosa River Community Food Forest and an informal alleyway orchard for two examples of how to turn public spaces into beautiful mixed orchards.

The Grotto Climbing Company

199 Victoria Rd. South. 

all day - 50% off to all PTW ticket holders


Laza Foods

74 Ontario Street 11-4 


Here's Laza founder CEO Melku Gebrekristos with one of her delicious creations 

Laza foods will be offering a discount to ticket holders for their ice pops, samosas and beverages- all made in-house.



Harri Palm

Appearing at the Guelph Little Theatre at 1 pm

Electric Guitar player, art-schooled roots rocker, songwriter, filmmaker and accomplished sailor, Harri follows the muse of music, equally at home in the worlds of rock, punk, folk, singer-songwriter and any jam he is invited to. Harri is also performing at the festival with “The Ward”

Clothing Exchange!

11-2 pm. 26 Ontario St. Mill Lofts Party Room

“Come spruce up your family’s fall wardrobe at the Praise the Ward clothing exchange! All ages, all sizes, all genders; There’s something for everyone!  We’d love to have any clothing, shoes or accessories you’d like to donate, but it’s not required to participate.  Just bring your fashionable selves! 

We will be collecting donations ahead of time, for drop off or pick up contact Ashland Kearns on Facebook.  Or you can bring donations on the day of the swap!  See you there! “

Slinky Swellness 

26 Boult Ave. 

You could spend the whole day with Dice Barrett and Jacob Zantinge in their "REST PIT" Across Lyon's Park Pool on Boult Ave - with multi-sensory family fun, games, drumming, art, music and dancing. 

"All Welcome To Play!"


1030am: print-making with Ahmri from Otherwise Studios 
12-5: Crafts and Circus Play with Rainbow Mentors  
All day: Slinky Portal + Slinky Lounge with The Slinky sWELLness Center
+ Live Art, Garden Space, Drums & Percussion Play, Open Mic Space & Immersive Interaction for ALL AGES + ALL NEEDS. 

Please connect for Inclusion ideas or questions: 

Morning Ward Yoga in the Park 

with Lisa Silverstein

10 till 11 am. Eramosa Park at the end of Lawrence near the Volleyball courts

Lisa Silverstein is a certified yoga teacher, early childhood educator, massage therapy student, and longtime resident of the ward who loves being out in nature. She enjoys sharing her love of yoga with classes that are playful, lighthearted, and honor the ancient wisdom of the practice. In this morning yoga we’ll use movement, stillness, sound and breathwork to get the energy channels open and flowing for a fabulous festival day.  Open to all levels and abilities. Please bring your own mat, towel or blanket to practice on. 


Write A Song About the Ward with James Gordon

2 pm at the Mill Lofts Party Room, 26 Ontario Street











 Songwriter and Ward resident James Gordon is one of 3 Guelph Artists in Residence for 2023. His special project for this is called “Rhyme Capsules”, where he is collecting stories from long-time Guelphites and with their help, turning those tales into songs. Have you got a story from the ward? Bring it along, we'll sprinkle magic song dust on it, turning it  into a brand new song that will be shared that evening at the BIG concert at the Guelph Little Theatre

Bonnie Durtnall

Walking tour of the ward's industrial and cultural heritage

Meet at the Double Rainbow at 11 am

Bonnie, a long-time wardite and renowned local historian writes: “Want to learn more about the Ward’s industrial and cultural heritage? Join me on a whirlwind tour of some of the Ward’s most iconic factory sites. Discover more about those who lived, worked and played in this area we call home”. Bonnie will have a display of Ward and Guelph Historical artifacts at the Double Rainbow. 

  Eramosa River Walking Tour- presented by OPIRG

      3 pm York Road Park, entrance to the covered bridge

  The Ward is located between two beautiful rivers, and we love them!  Join us for an afternoon walk along the Eramosa - we’ll learn about some of the plants and creatures that call it home, some history of the area, some of the restoration efforts that have taken place over the years, and some ways you can help protect the river and its banks. 

Mandy and Danielle have lived in the Ward for many years and spend a lot of time at the river.  Mandy works at OPIRG Guelph and Danielle is an herbalist and a teacher at the Guelph Outdoor School. We expect the full walk to take between an hour and an hour and a half. Feel free to come for all or part of it.

End point:  Community Food Forest at Eramosa River Park (Victoria Road bridge)

Joan Hug-Valeriote

Quilting and Storytelling with Joan- 178 Ferguson St. Corner Wheeler, 11 am till 4 pm 


Joan Hug-Valeriote is a quilt artist who has exhibited her quilts nationally and internationally, recently having had two quilts juried into Quilt Canada’s National Juried Show in Halifax.  She grew up on Alice St. at Valeriote’s Groceteria and Dee’s Coffee Bar, opposite the Northern Rubber factory before leaving for university in Toronto in the 60’s  followed by film-school in Paris, France and marriage in Switzerland.  Forty years later, after a career in film as a Continuity Supervisor and independent documentary producer/director,  four children and a teaching career in Toronto, she returned to Guelph and now lives and works in her Quilt Studio on Ferguson St. with her husband Andreas Hug.  Joan would be pleased to tell you stories about growing up in the Ward and about her quilts and quilting machines, including her Innova longarm machine. 

Sadie and Niki Henry

At the Double Rainbow Café from noon till 4 

Sadie and Niki will be button and mural making for kids. Use our button maker to make your own personalized keepsake or help collaborate on our paper shape mural!

Sadie also designed the Praise the Ward logo, the map, and other promotional material. Thanks Sadie!