Eramosa River Walking Tour - presented by opirg

3pm @ York Road Park - Entrance to Covered Bridge

The Ward is located between two beautiful rivers, and we love them!  Join us for an afternoon walk along the Eramosa - we’ll learn about some of the plants and creatures that call it home, some history of the area, some of the restoration efforts that have taken place over the years, and some ways you can help protect the river and its banks.  

Mandy and Danielle have lived in the Ward for many years and spend a lot of time at the river.  Mandy works at OPIRG Guelph and Danielle is an herbalist and a teacher at the Guelph Outdoor School. We expect the full walk to take between an hour and an hour and a half. Feel free to come for all or part of it. 

End point:  Community Food Forest at Eramosa River Park (Victoria Road bridge)