Tempo Foods w. chef victoria blow

12-1:30 & 5-6:30pm @ Laza Foods - 74 Ontario St. - Discount for ticket holders

Tempo offerings:

Moonlight Pozole soup
Vegetarian and carnivore tacos
Dairy free and gluten free dessert

Victoria is a Canadian based chef who trained at Le Cordon Bleu (cuisine and patisserie) in London, England. Victoria says “I have over 15 years of experience both nationally and internationally including owning my own restaurant, and working as Head Chef and Sous-Chef in various restaurants as well as completing stages in 2 Michelin starred restaurants including most recently Relae in Copenhagen, Denmark. I am fascinated by both the art and technique that goes into creating food. I am not only interested in the cooking process but the history of food and its societal/cultural roles, the evolution of a dish, the geography of sourced ingredients, and science literature around food and its by-products. I'm adaptable, hardworking and very keen to learn and am working hard to develop sustainable food practices. My most recent experience in the kitchen as a Sous-Chef at Foxy restaurant in Montreal, QC gave me an indepth exposure to the quebecois food scene as well as multiple contacts for locally sourced products. I have a deep lifelong passion for food and look forward to sharing my love of cooking with others.”